Editorial: Modeling Migration, Insecurity and COVID-19





migration, COVID-19, pandemic, migration theory, insecurity


In this editorial, I adapt a culture of migration approach to the study of migration and COVID-19.  I argue that the coronavirus and COVID-19 undermine security and the efforts of movers to make informed decisions concerning their sojourns.  The role of insecurity in decision-making, at points of origin and destination, and the ways that movers respond, are developed throughout the articles in this issue of Migration Letters, revealing a growing interest in understanding the complex forces surrounding human mobility.

Author Biography

Jeffrey H. Cohen, Department of Anthropology, Ohio State University

Jeffrey H. Cohen is Associate Professor of Anthropology at the Ohio State University. His books include Cooperation and Community: Economy and Society in Oaxaca, The Culture of Migration in Southern Mexico, and Economic Development: An Anthropological Approach. Dr. Cohen's research focuses on three areas: migration, development and nutrition. Since the early 1990s he as studied the impact, structure and outcome of migration from indigenous communities in Oaxaca, Mexico to the US with support from the National Science Foundation. He has also conducted comparative research on Mexican, Dominican and Turkish migration. His work on traditional foods, nutrition and migration was supported by the National Geographic Society. In addition to ongoing work in Oaxaca, he is currently studying the migration of Mexicans to Columbus. Dr. Cohen's cv.pdf See more at: Jeffrey Cohen at OSU cohen.319?aspect=p&width=300&default=https%3A%2F%2Fsample.asc.ohio-state.edu%2Fprofiles%2Fasc%2Fthemes%2Fq7%2Fimages%2Fuhall_bio_image.jpg




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Cohen, J. H. (2020). Editorial: Modeling Migration, Insecurity and COVID-19. Migration Letters, 17(3), 405–409. https://doi.org/10.59670/ml.v17i3.986




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