Association Of Diane-35 And Metformin, Alone And In Combination, On Hepato-Renal Profile In Un-Married Females With PCOS


  • Asma Ahmed
  • Aiza Ashfaq
  • Farzana Shamim
  • Rehana Badar
  • Hamna Shahid
  • Ghazala Irshad
  • Samra Hafeez
  • Afaq Akram


Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is one of the most common endocrinal disorders of women of the reproductive age.It is associated with overweight, menstrual irregularities, change in luteinizing, and follicle-stimulating hormone ratio. Metformin and Diane 35 are used in the treatment of polycystic ovaries. Diane 35 and Metformin are used for polycystic ovarian syndrome patients to control body mass index, oligomenorrhea, mood changes, acne, and hirsutism levels and increase the chances of conception.The prospective study aims to determine the effects of diane 35 and metformin on CBC, LFTS, RFTS, and LH in the blood of 500 polycystic ovarian syndrome un-married patients at Khawaja Muhammad Safdar medical college, Allama Iqbal Memorial Teaching Hospital Sialkot, Punjab Pakistan and The University of Lahore, Lahore by using non-probability convenience sampling technique and by dividing all patients in Group I (control group), GroupII (administered metformin), Group III (administered diane-35) and Group IIV (diane-35 and metformin) for three months. All groups’ preliminary weight and biochemical tests had been measured. Statistically analysed results showed a vairation in the age group and BMI of patients (24.00±3.80 to 29.26±2.84 years and 22.02±3.70 and 27.08±5.96 Kg/m2 respectively). In all groups there were 86.7% participants with a history of acne and 13[1].2% without a history of acne. There was no significant difference in the mean values of the follicular stimulating hormone and serum luteinizing hormone in different groups. In group II, 1% participants were with multiple small follicles in both ovaries, 16.7% with multiple cysts, 60% with PCO. In group III, 13.3% participants were with a cyst in the ovary, 13.3% with cystic ovaries, 6.7% with multiple small follicles in both ovaries, 6.7% with multiple cysts, and 46.7% with PCO. In group IV, 26.7% participants were with cystic ovaries and 60% with PCOS. Results showed that treating PCOS women with diane-35 and metformin reduced pathological alterations. Ultimately, PCOS affects women of child bearing age and has negative consequences for fertility and conception by interfering with hormone levels and the timing of ovulation.


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Ahmed, A. ., Ashfaq, A. ., Shamim, F., Badar, R., Shahid, H. ., Irshad, G., Hafeez, S. ., & Akram, A. . (2024). Association Of Diane-35 And Metformin, Alone And In Combination, On Hepato-Renal Profile In Un-Married Females With PCOS. Migration Letters, 21(S9), 222–234. Retrieved from




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