Shift Working, Nutrition And Obesity: Implications For Nurse A Systematic Review


  • Abeer Abdul Rahman Al Harithi
  • Rehab Mobarak Marshad Aldawsari
  • Haya Abduallah Mohammad Aldawsari
  • Refah Abduallah Mohammad Aldawsari
  • Rayan Mohammed Obaid AL-Dawsary
  • Tahani Mohammed Almijher
  • Haya Turki Daffer AL-Bishi
  • Kholod Serehan Mansour


Background: Shiftworking has long been unrecognised as an occupational health hazard up until now. Methods: Electronic databases were searched using OVID host as the main search engine for Medline, PUBMED and CINHAL during the years 1990-December 2010. Combinations of the keywords yielded 35 full papers and ab- stracts, of which 16 articles were relevant. One paper was not in English, leaving 15 included in this review after final reconsideration. Studies were categorised into two main titles: studies assessing the association between shift working and obesity and/or BMI (n=8) and studies assessing the association between shift working and nu- tritional/dietary patterns (n=7). Type of study was also considered as a part of the search strategy. Results: In total, one interventional, nine cross-sectional and five cohort studies were retrieved. Seven cross-sectional studies and one cohort study showed a higher BMI/obesity prevalence in shiftworks. Interventional, one cross-sectional and three cohort studies showed higher freq[1]uency of meal intake or poor nutrition quality/habits in the shift workers compared with the day-shift workers. Another cross-sectional study showed no difference between workers. Con- clusion: In terms of obesity or high BMI, majority of cross-sectional studies indicate that shiftwork increases weight gain and the prevalence of obesity. On the other hand, half of cohort studies show higher frequency of meal intake and/or poor nutrition quality in the shift workers. Generally, it is indicated that shift working nega- tively impacts on health and nutritional status of workforces.


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Al Harithi, A. A. R. ., Aldawsari, R. M. M. ., Aldawsari, H. A. M. ., Aldawsari, R. A. M. ., AL-Dawsary, R. M. O. ., Almijher, T. M., AL-Bishi, H. T. D. ., & Mansour, K. S. . (2022). Shift Working, Nutrition And Obesity: Implications For Nurse A Systematic Review. Migration Letters, 19(S8), 46–62. Retrieved from