Current Evaluation Of Dental Implants And Periodontal Health


  • Abdulaziz Zafer Alqoryshi
  • Abdullah Obeed Alotaibi
  • Ferial Rashid Al-Lawzi Al-Anzi
  • Haitham Abdulrahman Alghamdi
  • Talal Naif Almutairi
  • Emad Meshkhes M Alotaiby
  • Nada Fayez Alenazi
  • Nadia Olayyan Alotaibi


Introduction: The stability of dental implants is affected by various elements, including the bone's composition, implant design, insertion torque, and surgical techniques. This research aims to explore how the stability of dental implants impacts the health of the surrounding periodontal tissue.

Methods: A retrospective analysis was carried out on patients who underwent dental implant procedures in various clinics across Saudi Arabia. [1]Implant stability was measured using the Strumann Torquing ratchet for compressive assessment, and clinical evaluations were performed to identify any complications such as tooth mobility, bleeding, pus formation, and signs of periodontitis. Statistical analyses were used to explore the correlation between implant stability and these clinical outcomes, with a significance level set at p<0.05.

Results: In this study, 29 dental implants were scrutinized. Periodontitis emerged as a significant complication, with 17% of the implants showing moderate periodontitis and one implant exhibiting severe periodontitis. Tooth mobility was observed in 5.2% of the cases. Peri-implantitis was identified in a single case, representing 1.7% of the total, and there were no reports of exudate. A significant correlation was found between the primary stability of the implant and tooth mobility (p<0.001), although no significant statistical relationship was observed between implant stability and the presence of inflammatory conditions .

Conclusions: Dental implant stability plays a crucial role in the overall success of the implantation process and the health of the periodontium. The study found that periodontitis and tooth mobility were the most common complications following implantation, with peri-implantitis being relatively rare.


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Alqoryshi, A. Z. ., Alotaibi, A. O. ., Al-Anzi, F. R. A.-L. ., Alghamdi, H. A. ., Almutairi, T. N. ., Alotaiby, E. M. M. ., Alenazi, N. F. ., & Alotaibi, N. O. . (2022). Current Evaluation Of Dental Implants And Periodontal Health. Migration Letters, 19(S8), 40–45. Retrieved from




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