Level Of Stress And Coping Strategies Employed By Students Of Hearing Impairment With And Without Hearing Aids


  • Shazia Anwar
  • Hafsa Noreen
  • Hajra Masood
  • Fazaila Ehsaan
  • Saba Yaqoob
  • Mariam Zahra
  • Muhammad Faizan
  • Hina Samee Ullah



Stress is a leading factor as students with hearing impairment faces communication difficulties in their educational institutions. Many knows and opt for management strategies and many have no idea how to manage it , which effects their academic performance.


To investigate level of stress and find out coping strategies among hearing aid users and non-hearing aid users.


A cross sectional study with 194 higher education students with hearing impairment were recruited in the study by using purposive sampling technique. The data was collected from university of management and technology, Innayat[1] foundation academy for the Deaf, Hamza foundation academy for the Deaf and National degree college, Lahore. The study was completed in the time duration between November 2022 to April 2023. The inclusion criteria was university and college going students with hearing impairment either using hearing aid or not and within age range of 15-30 years. Standardized tools used in this study were Perceived Stress Scale and Brief Cope.


Among total 194 participants, 32% were FA and 28% were BA. 28% were moderately severe and 33% were severe. in which 36% were hearing aid users and 64% non-hearing aid users. 64% were in public institutes and 66% were in private institutes. The correlation between SS10 (Stress Scale) and BF28 (Brief Cope) and results are significant between SS10 and BF28 (SS10=.372 and BF28=.000)


It is concluded that there is positive correlation between stress scale and brief coping strategies. Stress has the negative impact on their academic performance




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