Powering The Future A Vision For Electric Mobility


  • Dr. Ravindra Sharma
  • Dr. Deepak Negi
  • Dr. Geeta Rana


The study in this paper is to enhance the existing body of literature on Electric Vehicles by organizing current knowledge and extrapolating specific implications for future research. This study particularly scrutinizes the rationale behind investments in Electric Vehicles and addresses inquiries concerning their utility, as well as the advantages and drawbacks associated with their usage. It endeavors to evaluate Electric Vehicles as a viable investment opportunity or as vehicles for divestment. The literature review highlights predominant models that center on consumer preferences for Electric Vehicle purchases, with a focus on cost minimization. Additionally, this paper delves into essential considerations driving consumers to opt for electric vehicles, primarily their reduced environmental impact when compared to conventional fuel-powered vehicles. Furthermore, the paper underscores the significance of government initiatives and policies in fostering consumer decisions related to the purchase of electric vehicles.


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Sharma, D. R. ., Negi, D. D. ., & Rana, D. G. . (2024). Powering The Future A Vision For Electric Mobility. Migration Letters, 21(S3), 1768–1772. Retrieved from https://migrationletters.com/index.php/ml/article/view/9567