Political Propaganda On The Internet: A Systematic Review


  • Dr. Faisal Aziz
  • Muhammad Kaqbad Alam
  • Dr. Nasir Khan (PhD Mass Communication)
  • Khaqan Mehmood
  • Jan Muhammad
  • Saba Afzal




The primary goal of this systematic review is to synthesize the empirical proof on how the Internet and social media may represent different dimensions of political Propaganda. In this systematic scientific review, the literature is carried from internet sources and the tenure of selected literature is between 2010-2022. Reference management system and text mining software used to select data for analysis. The researcher systematically examines 1251 research articles. All research studies portrayed the role of internet in shaping political propaganda. This research study also includes both research approaches quantitative and qualitative approaches, 408 research studies selected because all these research studies fulfill criteria of systematic review. Although, 202 research had been eligible for inclusion, with consideration to empirical research with qualitative and quantitative method. In this systematic review, 192 research studies screened while 112 researched studies selected on basis keyword “propaganda” used in name of article, abstract, and full text of article. 31 research studies data is added through Snowball technique. The methodological barriers of the reviewed research discussed, and suggestions made for destiny studies. The internet changes the manners of political use of propaganda and it helps in spreading political propaganda. The empirical findings illustrate that political propaganda in not new in political communication activities and it has a significance increase over time. This improvement requires and defines the functions of propaganda with the aid of using political tactics. Public Relations at this point stops and deliberate propaganda begins.




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Aziz, D. F. ., Alam, M. K. ., (PhD Mass Communication), D. N. K. ., Mehmood, K. ., Muhammad, J. ., & Afzal, S. . (2024). Political Propaganda On The Internet: A Systematic Review. Migration Letters, 21(S8), 1077–1088. https://doi.org/10.59670/ml.v21iS8.9539