The Teaching Feedback Process From Comprehensive Pedagogical Strategies


  • Talledo Mendoza Gulissa Graciela
  • Atoche-Silva Luz Angélica
  • Herrera Mogollón Rosa Tomasita
  • Sernaque Barrantes Marleny
  • Romero Aranda Monica



The research aimed to determine the influence of the comprehensive pedagogical program on the formative feedback of teachers in the Zarumilla district in 2023, using a quasi-experimental design. Pre- and post-tests were applied to an experimental group that received the program and a control group. The sample consisted of 23 teachers (12 in the experimental group and 11 in the control group), selected through non-probabilistic sampling. A 27-item questionnaire was used to collect information, and the Student's T test was applied to compare means. The results indicated a significant improvement (p<0.05) in the experimental group after the application of the program, supporting the study hypothesis. Furthermore, the influence of the program was observed in the descriptive, discovery and evaluative dimensions. 




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Graciela, T. M. G. ., Angélica, A.-S. L. ., Tomasita, H. M. R., Marleny, S. B., & Monica, R. A. . (2024). The Teaching Feedback Process From Comprehensive Pedagogical Strategies. Migration Letters, 21(S8), 1013–1026.




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