"Inclusive Education: A Review Of Practices And Policies For Successful Integration Of Children With Different Abilities"


  • Ana María Ccorihuaman Durand
  • Marco Antonio Salcedo Huarcaya
  • Ethel Loot Rojas Yacha
  • Eliana Pérez Ruibal Regalado


Inclusive education is an educational model that seeks to ensure that all children, regardless of their specific attributes, enjoy access to excellent education. This socially oriented philosophy is based on the premise that diversity is an invaluable asset and that all children have the right to acquire knowledge and develop together. Furthermore, the research report has shown that inclusive education provides a wide range of advantages to all children, including children with different abilities who attend inclusive schools are more likely to achieve academic success, develop positive relationships with their peers and feel accepted by society. Successful inclusive education requires changes in pedagogical practices, institutional policies, and school culture. The research also analyzes the connections between government policies and neoliberal governance, focusing on how the government's inclusive policy influences the awareness of individual teachers. It highlights the current visibility of people with disabilities thanks to civil actions and legislative changes, prompting continued reflection towards a more equitable society. Inclusive education is presented as crucial, requiring participation and reflection to address challenges. Therefore, the research investigates in depth the attitudes of social responsibility towards inclusive education and underlines that it is essential to provide educators with adequate training techniques to implement inclusive practices. The study, intended to contribute with a participatory approach, reveals shared beliefs and differences between future primary and secondary teachers, highlighting how in other countries they are working positively towards training in inclusive education.       




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Durand, A. M. C., Huarcaya, M. A. S. ., Yacha, E. L. R. ., & Regalado, E. P. R. . (2024). "Inclusive Education: A Review Of Practices And Policies For Successful Integration Of Children With Different Abilities". Migration Letters, 21(S8), 992–1012. Retrieved from https://migrationletters.com/index.php/ml/article/view/9506




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