"Public Policies And Their Role In Improving Mental Health In Health Institutions."


  • Gutiérrez Sánchez Martha María
  • José Jorge rodriguez Figueroa
  • Jacinto Joaquin Vertiz Osores
  • Roxana Katherine Vega Sanchez
  • Ethel Loot Rojas Yacha


The main purpose of this research was to review public policies on mental health in health establishments. The established research methodology is documentary type since written information was analyzed through scientific articles and with a descriptive design, allowing for analysis, search and organization of the information obtained. For data collection, recognized academic databases such as Ebsco, Web of Science (WoS) and Science Direct were consulted, using key terms such as "Mental Health Policies" and "Mental Healthpolicies". This search process resulted in the identification and selection of 40 relevant articles indexed in both English and Spanish. The selection criteria include the timeliness of the information, limited to publications from the last five years, and direct relevance to the topic of mental health. The results obtained from the review of scientific articles from the period 2019-2023 revealed that the implementation of efficient public policies in mental health is crucial for the development of national plans and strategies focused on improving the quality of life of the population. These findings underline the importance of structured mental health policies implemented in health facilities, highlighting how these policies contribute significantly to a more comprehensive and effective approach to mental health in society. In summary, this research highlighted the vital role that public policies play in improving the management and care of mental health in health facilities, evidencing the need for strategic and well-planned approaches to address the mental health needs of the population. citizenship effectively.




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María, G. S. M. ., Figueroa, J. J. rodriguez ., Osores, J. J. V. ., Sanchez, R. K. V. ., & Yacha, E. L. R. (2024). "Public Policies And Their Role In Improving Mental Health In Health Institutions.". Migration Letters, 21(S8), 975–991. Retrieved from https://migrationletters.com/index.php/ml/article/view/9505




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