Lifestyle-Based Quality Of Life Prediction Using Mathematical Modeling In Diabetic Neuropathy Patients


  • Sukhri Herianto Ritonga
  • Eva Decroli
  • Brian Sri Prahastuti
  • Elly Usman
  • Mudjiran
  • Adang Bachtiar
  • Afriwardi
  • Husna Yetti


Background : Diabetic neuropathy is one of the main complications of type 2 diabetes mellitus (type 2 DM). Diabetic neuropathy is one of the causes of decreased quality of life in type 2 DM sufferers. Prevention of decreased quality of life must be done early, so that something worse does not happen to the sufferer. One way is through controlling risk factors for decreasing quality of life, such as lifestyle.

Objective : The aim of this research was to form a mathematical model to predict quality of life based on lifestyle in diabetic neuropathy sufferers.

Research Methodology : This research was conducted using a cross sectional approach with 210 respondents. Respondents in the study were diabetic neuropathy sufferers who were selected using consecutive sampling techniques . Data collection was carried out using a valid and reliable questionnaire. Data analysis in this research was using logistic regression analysis.

Research Results : A mathematical model was obtained, namely Quality of life = 2.327 –3.475 (eating pattern) -3.420 (social interaction). Based on the Holmes and Lameshow Test values, the chi square value obtained is smaller and the table chi square value is (0.004 < 5.9915) and the p value is greater than the α value (0.998 > 0.05). Based on the area under curve (AUC) value, a value of 0.866 was obtained

Conclusion : The mathematical model that has been formed through this research can accurately predict the quality of life of diabetic neuropathy sufferers. This mathematical model consists of 2 predictor factors, namely eating patterns and social interactions. Model This form is accurate and strong in predicting quality of life both based on calibration parameters and also based on discrimination values


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Ritonga, S. H. ., Decroli, E. ., Prahastuti, B. S. ., Usman, E. ., Mudjiran, Bachtiar, A. ., Afriwardi, & Yetti, H. . (2024). Lifestyle-Based Quality Of Life Prediction Using Mathematical Modeling In Diabetic Neuropathy Patients. Migration Letters, 21(S7), 1921–1928. Retrieved from