Consumer Psychographics As Antecedent To Webrooming With Moderating Role Of Product Involvement


  • Ahsan Azim
  • Dr. Kashif Amin
  • Dr. Basharat Khan
  • Dr. Basharat Khan
  • Dr. Abdullah
  • Dr. Imran Ullah Khan


Purpose – Multiple studies were conducted to explore the reasons for webrooming among customers but still there is a need to explore webrooming antecedents. This study aims to examines the effect of consumers’ psychographics – market mavenism, high regret tendencies, fear of missing out, need for cognition – on webrooming behavior. Further the role of product involvement is also investigated as moderator between webrooming intention and actual webrooming behavior.

Design/methodology/approach –  The study uses the data gathered from the students and actual customers from the market via questionnaire. A total of 383 questionnaires were uses to analyze the data. The study uses smart PLS for data analysis.

Findings – The study finds out the positive significant impact of market mavenism, need for cognition and high regret tendencies on webrooming. However, the impact of fear of missing out on webrooming is found to be insignificant. Further, the moderating role of product involvement is also found significant.

Research limitations/implications – The study uses four new variables as antecedents to webrooming but still the variation in webrooming is not fully explained. [1]There is still needed to explore further variables like, personality traits (extroversion, openness & conscientiousness), values (achievement, social expression & recognition), interests, attitudes, lifestyle, motivation, beliefs, opinions, perception and behavioral patterns.

Practical implication – The findings of the study are helpful for the marketers to control webrooming accordingly, i-e; online store managers can use it to reduce webrooming whereas offline store managers can use the information for promoting webrooming.

Originality/value – The study contributed to the body of knowledge and enriches the literature by identifying three variables – market mavenism, high regret tendencies and need for cognition – as antecedents to webrooming. Further the moderating role of product involvement is also explored.




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Azim, A., Amin, D. K. ., Khan, D. B. ., Khan, D. B. ., Abdullah, D. ., & Khan, D. I. U. . (2024). Consumer Psychographics As Antecedent To Webrooming With Moderating Role Of Product Involvement. Migration Letters, 21(S8), 640–664. Retrieved from




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