Research Development Of Psychological Capital (Psycap) In Education Sector - A Systematic Review


  • Nayyer Sultana
  • Azlinzuraini Ahmad (corresponding author)
  • Nur Aishah Awi


Purpose: This comprehensive review aims to explore the evolution of concepts, research methods and significant findings related to Psychological capital in the field of education over the decade. Psychological capital, which encompasses hope, efficacy, resilience and optimism has gained attention in research due, to its potential impact on students, educators and overall learning outcomes.

Design/methodology/approach: This comprehensive literature review, which adheres to the PRISMA guidelines examines research conducted for development of psychological capital in education sector over the last one decade. Its objective is to uncover emerging patterns assess methodologies used and pinpoint areas where knowledge is lacking. Through criteria, for selection and data synthesis techniques this study offers insights into the latest developments, in the field.

Findings By analyzing the last 10 years literature this review sheds light on the role of psychological capital in education while highlighting methodological trends synthesizing empirical findings and providing recommendations for future research and practical application. In times there has been a surge of interest in Psychological capital and its ability to enhance performance and wellbeing for individuals and organizations

Originality: The main objective of this review is to examine current research on the development of psychological capital and its implications for individuals as well, as organizations. . Researchers and practitioners alike are fascinated by PsyCap's connection to employee attitudes, behavior and performance. Consisting of four elements. Self-efficacy, hope, optimism and resilience. PsyCap has emerged as a catalyst for improving performance.




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