Making Education Delivery More Effective Within The Classroom: Industry 4.0 And Gamification-Based Perspective


  • Kavisha Duggal
  • Mahender Singh Kaswan
  • Sai Charan Kommana
  • Kanishka Raheja


Purpose: Technology is changing at a great pace; therefore, it is time that we adapt to these changes and implement them to improve our present education system. To inculcate the need of Industry 4.0 and gamification in the field of education, a case study is conducted among students comprising 13 research questions, each with a specific objective, is conducted among students to assess the problems/ lacunae faced by them in the prevalent education system.

Methodology: In this study, analysis done in Python to help comprehend the efficiency of Industry 4.0 and gamification in the sphere of education was emphasized while simultaneously addressing the flaws of traditional education. To augment this study, a Boolean expression is developed to determine the performance of the student taking into consideration three factors: nature of individual, the nature of the instructor, and difficulty of the subject.

Findings: It has been found that 32% of students are in favour of the gamified education system and 55% of the students are in the favour of gamified new system and present system. It also has been adjudged that pr[1]esent education system requires engagement from students to enhance the right knowledge among the students. It also has been found that gamified system will make disciples more interactive, intellectual, and pragmatic. Elements of gamification are listed along with the motivation levels of the students that describe the variation in the psychological and behavioural aspects. As a result, it becomes essential for the instructors to add the game-based learning elements according to the requirement of the organization. Moreover, the proposed comparative analysis is evaluated to determine the need for industry 4.0 and gamified framework and to portray the benefits of such a system over the traditional education system.




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Duggal, K. ., Kaswan, M. S. ., Kommana, S. C. ., & Raheja, K. . (2024). Making Education Delivery More Effective Within The Classroom: Industry 4.0 And Gamification-Based Perspective. Migration Letters, 21(S8), 292–310. Retrieved from