Common Health Challenges For Foreigners In Pakistan


  • Ayesha Abdul Qadir Memon
  • Muhammad Osama
  • Calvin R Wei
  • Ghulam Rasool Bhurgri
  • Raheela Saleem
  • Dua Rabel Siyal
  • Fahad Jibran Siyal


Many foreigners living in Pakistan face health challenges. Access to health care for these populations is limited by a variety of sociocultural and economic factors including familiarity with health services, differences in health beliefs, and challenges in health practices. Furthermore, malnutrition and poor health in some migration zones, especially among different refugees, complicate the health challenges faced by them. The health system that relies heavily[1] on out-of-pocket payments and lacks adequate resource allocation creates challenges for individuals to access quality health care. Difficulties in understanding local health practices and differences in health care affect their well-being and to some extent, health care requires development and cultural understanding. Overall, foreigners in Pakistan face difficulty in accessing adequate health care, health beliefs, disparities, and disease complications due to various reasons. This review discusses the most common health related issues the foreigners face in Pakistan and common reasons behind it.




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