Examining The Impact Of Operational Strategy And Employee Motivation On Project Performance In The Construction Projects


  • Gohar Fareed
  • Muhammad Javid Nawaz
  • Shakir Iqbal
  • Umme Ummara
  • Ameer Hamza




Continuous performance management through monitoring and evaluation techniques plays an essential role in attaining success in the project. To enhance project performance, the manager must create a positive work environment and do more than work within predefined project management constructs. The purpose of this study was to investigate the impact of the motivation of employees on project performance. A primary and quantitative study was held to identify the relationship between the variables (e.g., motivation, project performance, and op[1]erational strategy). We distributed questionnaire surveys to units of analysis; they helped us select the best sample from our selected Bahawalpur, Multan, Lahore and Faisalabad region Projects. The data was collected through questionnaires by interviewing the 210 project workers and managers using convenience sampling. The data were analyzed through SPSS and Smart PLS. Statistical results such as Descriptive Analysis, Regression Analysis, Moderating Analysis, and Boot Strapping were used to establish the relationship between variables and Cronbach Alpha to measure the scale reliability. The results show that the worker's motivation has a significant positive effect and is essential in increasing the project's performance. Operational strategy as a moderator has a significant positive impact on project performance. This study is critical because it provides practical insights regarding the most important factors. In this study, we discuss the factors that affect worker performance and find the factors related to the worker to achieve the project performance. The conclusion supports that workers' motivation enhances the project's performance.




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Fareed , G. ., Nawaz, M. J. ., Iqbal, S. ., Ummara, U. ., & Hamza, A. . (2024). Examining The Impact Of Operational Strategy And Employee Motivation On Project Performance In The Construction Projects. Migration Letters, 21(S8), 86–101. https://doi.org/10.59670/ml.v21iS8.9232