Positive Communication Skills In The Workplace


  • Rizwana Wahid
  • Shanjida Halim
  • Tanzina Halim


It is a well-known fact that at the workplace, being too authoritative or, in other words, being 'bossy' does not always work. The more coworkers can communicate with each other without hesitation, the better the chances of establishing harmony in the workplace. Hence the researchers intend to focus on the causes of having a poor influence/ negative influence in any workplace and how positive influencing skills help maintain good rapport with coworkers, paving a bridge to their career success. To address these queries, the researchers collected data by distributing a questionnaire to (N=300) professionals who were working in various fields. All the subjects agreed largely with the researchers' hypothesis that positive influencing skills are necessary to begin, sustain, and grow professionally. The findings show that in any workplace, trust, respect, and harmony are needed, which depends on the relationship among coworkers. People can gain trust and respect based on how they influence others through interaction or communication at the workplace. Therefore, based on the findings and the researchers' experience, the paper suggests developing and practicing positive influencing skills in the workplace.




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