Clinical Supervision In The Preparation Of Professional Teachers In The Multicultural Values Indonesian Context


  • Syamsul Arifin
  • Sutama
  • Sekar Ayu Aryani
  • Syarifan Nurjan
  • Ari Kartiko
  • Maryono


Promoting multiculturalism in Indonesia through clinical supervision activities in developing teacher professionalism since the long way of their education. The theory and practice of multicultural education consist of 5 educational criteria through clinical supervision activities on teacher competence, and clinical supervision activities are expected to be a bridge in applying multicultural values in education and have an impact on teacher competence in the form of pedagogical competence, professional competence, personal competence, and social competence. This study aims to examine the basis for selecting clinical supervision, the content of multicultural values, and the impact of clinical supervision on increasing teacher competency in two Islamic boarding schools in Ponorogo, East Java, Indonesia.

This study uses a qualitative approach characterized by detailed, comprehensive, and in-depth data collection techniques used in a combination o[1]f observation, documentation, interviews, and focused discussions. Based on the findings of the clinical supervision description data through the stages namely the planning stage, clinical supervision stage, evaluation stage, and follow-up with data analysis techniques using Miles and Huberman which includes data mining, data reduction, data presentation, and concluding.

The results showed that clinical supervision activities for Islamic boarding school teachers began with planning supervision, teacher learning standards through amaliyatu tadris activities, observation activities in the form of muraqabah, teacher competency development was carried out based on tashih i'dad; taftish i’dad, and discussion, musyrif as the supervisor of the pesantren, and the teacher as the main actor in clinical supervision activities. Clinical supervision activities are a means of developing teacher competencies, both pedagogical competencies, personality competencies, social competencies, and professional competencies.


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Arifin, S. ., Sutama, Aryani, S. A. ., Nurjan, S. ., Kartiko, A. ., & Maryono. (2024). Clinical Supervision In The Preparation Of Professional Teachers In The Multicultural Values Indonesian Context. Migration Letters, 21(S7), 1813–1823. Retrieved from




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