Civil Liability For Medical Robot Damages According To Artificial Intelligence Applications


  • Dr. Sewar Mahmoud Atwan Al-Maaitah
  • Dr. Faisal Tayel Alqudah
  • Dr. Mohammad Basheer Mohammad Arabyat
  • Dr. Wlla Atef Mohammad Saeed Amayreh


This study dealt with the shortcomings of legislation in covering the legal aspects related to medical robot use and the absence of legal regulation of legal developments related to the artificial intelligence applications used in medical work. The use of artificial intelligence in various fields of life, especially the focus of our discussion with medical work and medical devices specialized in performing complex surgical operations. Despite the benefit achieved from it and the welfare it provides to humans, however, it is not devoid of the harm that it can cause to a person if it goes beyond his control and direction. Therefore, we need to compensate those who were harmed by the actions of these robots, however, this issue of compensation within the framework of legal legislation is not easy for the injured, which will face a specific problem, the content of this issue is to determine the person responsible for the damage caused by the robot and what is the position of the Jordanian legislation on the artificial intelligence applications use in the medical fields.  


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Al-Maaitah, D. S. M. A. ., Alqudah, D. F. T. ., Arabyat, D. M. B. M. ., & Amayreh, D. W. A. M. S. . (2024). Civil Liability For Medical Robot Damages According To Artificial Intelligence Applications. Migration Letters, 21(S7), 1694–1705. Retrieved from