Investigation Of Status Of Multi-Grade Teaching In Rural Punjab


  • Ahmad Farooq
  • Dr. Muhammad Hameed Nawaz


Since most Pakistanis reside in rural regions, our education system needs multi-grade instruction like other countries. Development of multi-grade teaching models is urgent. Thus, this study investigate the status of multigrade teaching in Punjab, Pakistan. The study explored public primary school teachers' views on multi-grade teaching. The study may help multi-grade instructors assess their teaching quality and identify strengths and deficiencies. Due to funding and time restrictions, the research focused on District Gujranwala's public sector elementary schools. The descriptive study used opinionnaire to poll District Gujranwala teachers. All 799 primary schools in Gujranwala that employ multi-grade teaching were included in this study, and 379 were randomly selected as 25% of the population. The opinion questionnaire collected data. After reviewing the literature, an opinionnaire was created to analyse sample answers. The opinionnaire included 54 statements. Responses were taken on five-point likert scales. Table statistical analysis, descriptive and inferential statistics, and discussion on multi-grade primary teaching models followed. The final multi-grade teaching model featured methodologies, tactics, resources, and teacher training. Teachers were advised on various tactics, policymakers on improving shady places, prospective researchers on factors, and researchers on study procedures.


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Farooq, A. ., & Nawaz, D. M. H. . (2024). Investigation Of Status Of Multi-Grade Teaching In Rural Punjab. Migration Letters, 21(S7), 1581–1588. Retrieved from




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