Enhancing Tourism In Can Tho City, Vietnam Within The Framework Of International Integration


  • La Thi Mong Linh


This study analyses the current status of tourism development in Can Tho City, a significant urban hub in the Mekong Delta area of Vietnam, and suggests solutions to improve its tourism opportunities in the context of international integration. Can Tho City has a variety of natural and cultural resources that are suitable for tourism development, such as its distinctive floating marketplaces, traditional craft villages, and historical landmarks. The city encounters issues like insufficient infrastructure, absence of unique tourism offerings, and inadequate human resources. This report suggests a comprehensive strategy for growing Can Tho into a regional tourism hub based on an examination of the city's strengths, limitations, possibilities, and threats. Recommendations involve investing in tourism infrastructure, promoting distinctive tourism products, improving human resource skills, encouraging inter-regional collaboration, and adopting sustainable environmental practices. Can Tho City can enhance its position as a dynamic and competitive tourism destination in the Mekong Delta area and beyond by utilising its unique resources and overcoming current challenges to take advantage of opportunities arising from international integration.


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