Exploring Teacher Competency In Vocational Education: A Focus On Pedagogical And Content Knowledge


  • Asma Nur Fatihah Binti Mohd Noor
  • Wan Omar Ali Saifuddin Bin Wan Ismail
  • Wan Marfazila Binti Wan Mahmud
  • Suzinursolahah Binti Salleh


Teachers' proficiency in pedagogy and their mastery of subject matter are pivotal determinants in the effectiveness of vocational education. These attributes are essential to ensure that the educational experience is not only impactful but also captivates and motivates students. In Malaysia, vocational education was introduced at the secondary school level prior to the implementation of the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) reform initiative in 2011. This initiative was strategically aimed at aligning educational outcomes with the evolving skill requirements of the labor market. However, questions have been raised about the extent to which teachers are competent to ensure the effective application of concepts and understanding in the teaching of TVET subjects. Issues have emerged regarding teachers' limited mastery of different pedagogical approaches and weak mastery of the content of the subjects taught. Therefore, this study aims to assess the level of teachers' competencies in Content Knowledge (CK), Pedagogical Knowledge (PK), and Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK), guided by the Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) framework introduced by Mishra & Koehler (2016). Using a quantitative approach, the study distributed an online questionnaire to 66 secondary school teachers offering vocational subjects in Terengganu. The findings revealed that Content Knowledge (CK) was the most dominant component, followed by Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) and Pedagogical Knowledge (PK). Based on these findings, the researchers proposed several intervention measures, including the provision of workshops, in-service training to enhance knowledge in innovative content and pedagogy and implementing mentoring teacher. The study concludes that the use of the TPACK model is a critical aspect of teacher competence in the current era. The holistic and effective use of the TPACK model in the professional development of TVET teachers is essential to ensure the success of TVET in producing a competent future-ready workforce.


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Mohd Noor, A. N. F. B. ., Ismail, W. O. A. S. B. W. ., Mahmud, W. M. B. W. ., & Salleh, S. B. . (2024). Exploring Teacher Competency In Vocational Education: A Focus On Pedagogical And Content Knowledge. Migration Letters, 21(S7), 1285–1295. Retrieved from https://migrationletters.com/index.php/ml/article/view/8972