From Field To Fork: Examining Pesticides, Food, And Human Health For Enhanced Well-Being


  • Sara S. A. Mudawi
  • Saleem Ashraf
  • Yasser S. A. Mazrou
  • Ijaz Ashraf
  • Ayesha Riaz
  • Wajiha Shahid
  • Naima Nawaz
  • Noreen Fatima


We conducted this study to critically examine the nexus of pesticides, food and human health. For this purpose, we conducted 30 face-to-face interviews with males and 15 with females on an open-ended interview guide, later on, thematic analysis was used to derive themes and interpret the nexus. We confirmed that pesticide use has become imperative for high levels of food crop production such as wheat and important vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes and cauliflower. The use of pesticides is undue and more than the requirements without seeking safe health guidelines and adopting safety measures. Food is heavily pesticide-contaminated which is being consumed on households’ level. Inadequate education in the community and unawareness about safe food are exaggerating the health risks. Human health issues in women, children and men are mounting subject to pesticide exposure and contaminated food. Women in particular were vulnerable to hormonal function of the female reproductive system, leading to menstrual cycle disturbances, reduced fertility, prolonged time-to-pregnancy, spontaneous abortion, stillbirths, and developmental defects. Overall, the results are summarized into four key themes (i) overreliance on pesticides (ii) vulnerabilities to Food systems (iii) problems of consumer protection (iv) health issues of spray men. There is a need to promote decreasing the toxicity being caused by undue pesticides. Community awareness of safer food production is much needed.


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Mudawi, S. S. A. ., Ashraf, S. ., Mazrou, Y. S. A. ., Ashraf, I. ., Riaz, A. ., Shahid, W. ., Nawaz, N. ., & Fatima , N. (2024). From Field To Fork: Examining Pesticides, Food, And Human Health For Enhanced Well-Being. Migration Letters, 21(S7), 1231–1239. Retrieved from




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