The Bright Lamp Of Guidance Hazrat Muhammad Bin Muslamah's Bravery And Love For The Holy Prophet SAW


  • Dr. Hashmat Begum
  • Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Ibrar Ullah
  • Dr. Nazia bibi
  • Dr. Salma anjum
  • Dr. Shafiqa Bushra
  • Hafsa Bibi


The Companions are those great persons whom Allah subhanahu wa taala blessed with the companionship of the Prophet. Hazrat Muhammad bin Muslimah accepted Islam at the hands of Musab bin Umair Razi allhu anhu. The same is the case with the Tree of Faith and Islam it is very pure to see and smell. Seeing the principles and branches of this tree, one is surprised and amazed that it is a strange pure tree of noble morals and good deeds and its roots are very strong. It is because the religion of Islam, which is based on the knowledge and love of Allah and the arguments of reason and nature, goes deep into the heart of the believer. Hazrat Muhammad bin Muslamah (RA) was a very brave person, Hazrat Umar Farooq (RA) established a special position for the accountability and investigation of his servants and appointed the chief officer of the task, Hazrat Muhammad Bin Muslamah, as he was the first supreme ombudsman of the Islamic government and he had the authority to investigate and any complaint against the highest authority of the government. After the Prophets, the holy congregation of the Companions is superior to all creation. This greatness and excellence is attained only by the Companions. Allah has guaranteed them forgiveness, Paradise, and His pleasure in this world. Many Quranic verses and Hadiths are witnesses to this. His surname was Abu Abdul Rahman and Abu Saeed, according to Waqidi may Allah have mercy on him, he was named Muhammad in Jahiliyyah. Wisdom requires to love the Prophet ﷺ more than the whole world, and the Companions are living examples of this.


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