A Review Of Innovative Fmcgs: How To Get A Competitive Advantage


  • Dr. Muhammad Siddique
  • Dr. Zeenat Kanwal Shar
  • Ms. Mehrin Farhan Shaikh
  • Dr. Shoaib Muhammad
  • Dr. Jaweria Ali


An entrepreneur starts a new business, takes risks, and makes innovative products to satisfy the customers and fulfill the demand of society. The innovative FMCGs get the competitive advantage by using innovative materials, making innovative designs, keeping the products in innovative packaging, making the products in innovative product lines, and keeping safe the products in innovative product storage. The aim of the paper is how to get a competitive advantage from the innovation of fast-moving consumer goods. The literature was collected from science direct. The relevant articles about entrepreneurial products and services have been reviewed to cover different business requirements that need innovation for getting a competitive advantage. It is a review paper that is based on research as well as review literature. For writing this paper, 132 research and review articles, and the required blogs have been carefully reviewed. The existing literature shows a research gap,  and no proper literature is available on the topic. Hence, this study provides the guidelines for researchers, students, policymakers, and practitioners.


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Siddique, D. M. ., Shar, D. Z. K. ., Shaikh, M. M. F. ., Muhammad, D. S. ., & Ali, D. J. . (2024). A Review Of Innovative Fmcgs: How To Get A Competitive Advantage. Migration Letters, 21(S7), 1058–1074. Retrieved from https://migrationletters.com/index.php/ml/article/view/8901