From Bean To Textiles: Sustainable Production From Coffee And Plastic Waste


  • Dr. Rafaela Barros
  • Dr. Richa Gupta


This study looks at a creative way to turn spent coffee powder into a useful and sustainable resource for making textiles. With the increased awareness of environmental sustainability and the textile industry's impact on the globe, the study analyzes the viability of utilizing coffee waste, notably coffee grounds and husks, as raw materials for fabric manufacture. The study covers a number of process phases, including fabric development and trash collection and processing. In the first section of the article, the environmental risks associated with conventional textile production techniques are discussed, and the possibility of using coffee waste as a sustainable substitute is emphasized. Setting the stage for the use of coffee waste, the paper discusses previous attempts and accomplishments in using agricultural leftovers for textile applications through a thorough literature analysis. The collecting, processing, and treatment methods used to separate useful fibers and chemicals from coffee waste are described in the methodology section. The impact of several techniques, including mechanical and chemical processing, on the overall sustainability of the proposed fabric production process is examined. The study's findings reveal that it is possible to successfully extract fibers from coffee waste and use these fibers in a variety of textile applications. In addition, the physical and chemical characteristics of the resultant fabric are examined, and its environmental impact, comfort level, and longevity are compared to those of conventional textiles. The study highlights the potential advantages for the textile industry's economy and ecology of using coffee waste on a wide scale. The suggested approach provides a circular economy solution by working with stakeholders in the textile and coffee industries, lowering waste and generating new income for coffee growers.


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Barros, D. R. ., & Gupta, D. R. . (2024). From Bean To Textiles: Sustainable Production From Coffee And Plastic Waste. Migration Letters, 21(S7), 581–592. Retrieved from