Mechanisms Of Saving Money In Islam An Introduction


  • D Ahmed mafhoum
  • D Radouane bensabir


Islam gives great care to preserving money. It is concerned with the issue of earning and spending it, and sets rules and principles that regulate it as the backbone of life, and in appreciation of its effects and role in the life of societies. What confirms the importance of money, and Islam’s interest in it, is that the word “money” appears in the Holy Qur’aneighty-six times, and this is evidence that Islam’s view of money is one of interest and appreciation for the effects it achieves. The availability of money is one of the most important factors that enable a person to create the happy life he always strives for. To achieve it, and this happiness cannot be achieved or bear its desired results, if it is not supported by the appropriate financial systems and devices to take care of it and work to perform it in a way that serves and achieves the goals of society. Given that Islam is keen for money to play its proper role in the life of society and not turn into a tool of corruption and corruption, it has taken care Organizing financial matters and setting rules and principles.

Such as the appropriate justice upon which it is based in organizing public funds  Mechanisms - saving - money - Islam


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