Characteristics of Parents' Involvement and Interest Towards Drug Prevention Program


  • Nor Hayati Sa’at
  • Siti Salina Abdullah
  • Engku Nurnajihah Che Ku Muda
  • Nur Ameera Rushdi
  • Abdul Rahman Abdul Latip
  • Nur Azura Sanusi
  • Khatijah Omar


The growing trend of drug use among young generations, particularly in Malaysia, is leaning toward significant concerns. The characteristics of families often play a role in the use of drugs among adolescents. This research aims to identify the characteristics and demographics of drug-free parents living in a high-risk drug environment, their involvement in drug prevention programs, and their interest in drug prevention programs. This descriptive study was conducted in five selected states in Malaysia. Data was collected through a face-to-face interview questionnaire among 515 drug-free parents living in a high-risk drug environment. The survey data was analyzed using descriptive analysis through frequencies and percentages. Findings revealed that the majority of families living in high-risk drug environments were B40 families, still in their marriages and living with their spouses and children. Meanwhile, less than 10% of the participants were involved in drug prevention programs conducted by various agencies in Malaysia. The majority would like to participate in future drug prevention programs to acquire new drug information, increase knowledge on drug prevention, and promote social responsibility. Nevertheless, some participants expressed their disinterest due to commitment, health conditions, or lack of motivation to get involved. Families need to take a first step in conducting prevention measures to combat drug problems among teenagers. More advocacy programs are needed to ensure that families with young children are equipped with drug prevention information. In addition, the drug prevention program should be accessible and reachable to the families.


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Sa’at, N. H. ., Abdullah, S. S. ., Muda, E. N. C. K. ., Rushdi, N. A. ., Latip, A. R. A. ., Sanusi, N. A. ., & Omar, K. . (2024). Characteristics of Parents’ Involvement and Interest Towards Drug Prevention Program . Migration Letters, 21(3), 1293–1306. Retrieved from