Multi Authority Based Data Sharing And Time Server Data Searching In Cloud Computing


  • Dr.M. Dhurgadevi
  • Guruprasath S L
  • Hari Balan T
  • Harish B


Searchable encryption shows promise as a technique for cloud-based information retrieval services, aiding in the organization of connections between files and keywords. Several people are choosing the cloud which stores data of them. This "cloud computing" trend lets you save all your files on remote servers accessible from anywhere with an internet server. With cloud services, users can seamlessly utilize on-demand applications without concerns about local infrastructure limitations. Collaborative connections among different users are common, making data sharing crucial for achieving productive benefits. In this research, we present a data sharing model based on shared authority to tackle the privacy issues associated with cloud storage. The project's goal is to create shared access authority by giving security and privacy equal priority through the use of an anonymous access request matching mechanism. To obtain access to the data, approval must be granted by both the cloud servers and the data owner. Symmetric key cryptography must be used in cloud computing environments to provide data security and privacy. As cloud users increasingly entrust cloud services with the storage, processing, and transportation of sensitive data, it becomes imperative to offer robust cryptographic algorithms. The data is transmitted to the shared access authority for distribution to the designated users in this project. There have been enhancements to the time server access mechanism within the secure cloud data search. To view the file list or initiate a search for a specific file, users are required to obtain permission from the central server. The user has 30 seconds after the main server accepts their request to either choose a file from the list or search for the file they want and request access to it. If there is no response from the user within this 30-second timeframe, the main server will automatically redirect the user to the homepage. If the user needs to see the file list again, he or she must connect to the main server. 


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Dhurgadevi, D. ., S L, G. ., T, H. B. ., & B, H. . (2024). Multi Authority Based Data Sharing And Time Server Data Searching In Cloud Computing . Migration Letters, 21(S5), 1628–1635. Retrieved from




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