Revolutionizing Customer Retention: AJIO's Future With Whatsapp Marketing Strategy By Reliance Retail


  • Hridayama Dev Varma
  • Surjadeep Dutta


In today's competitive retail landscape, effective customer engagement and retention strategies are essential for sustained success. Reliance Retail, through its online fashion platform AJIO, is poised to revolutionize customer engagement and customer retention by leveraging Whatsapp marketing strategies. WhatsApp, as a ubiquitous messaging platform with over two billion users globally, offers a unique opportunity for brands to directly connect with their audience in a personalized and immediate manner. By integrating WhatsApp into its marketing arsenal, AJIO can enhance customer communication, streamline the shopping experience, and foster deeper brand loyalty.Key aspects of this strategy include personalized messaging, targeted promotions, order updates, and customer support, all delivered seamlessly through the WhatsApp interface. Through these initiatives, AJIO can create tailored experiences for each customer, addressing their preferences and needs in real-time.This study's design made use of the descriptive technique. The study's participants required to be either students or working professionals with an understanding of e-marketing and Whatsapp marketing in relation to Reliance AJIO that focus on garments goods. The beliefs of respondents, the use of WhatsApp marketing as a potent tool, the implementation of WhatsApp marketing, an emphasis on content creation via Whatsapp, and order closure by the digital marketing team were the five primary variables that went into creating the structured questionnaire about social media promotion.  An online survey that was converted into a Google form by emailing the URL was used to collect data. An online survey that was transformed into a Google form and delivered using the given URL was used to collect data. The data was gathered using a judgmental sampling method. The link was sent to over 355 persons, and responses were obtained by following up with the recipients. The collection of data was stopped after 175 replies were received. After around fifteen comments were disqualified for being insufficient or lacking, a total of 150 responses were chosen for data analysis. SPSS software, version 22, was used to do the statistical analysis. A range of statistical techniques, such as regression analysis, chi-square analysis, ANOVA, and frequency analysis, were preferred in order to meet the objectives of this study.  The importance of WhatsApp in social media marketing and client retention initiatives is highlighted in the abstract's conclusion. The statement underscores the need for organizations to embrace a customer-centric mindset and leverage WhatsApp as an auxiliary tool to boost client retention rates.  The abstract highlights how WhatsApp has the ability to transform customer care and improve customer retention in the ever-changing social media marketing landscape of Reliance AJIO Industries.


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