Transnational mobility and conflict


  • Ibrahim Sirkeci Regent's Centre for Transnational Studies, Regent's University London



transnational mobility, conflict, human insecurity, migration theory


In this paper, I discuss transnational mobility using a perspective that emphasises conflicts at macro, mezzo and micro levels while seeking ways in which such a conflict model of migration can be developed. I outline areas involving different degrees of conflict which are better seen on a continuous scale ranging from potential and latent tensions to violent conflicts and wars. Conflict aspects contribute to the dynamic nature of transnational human movements and, at the same time, appear to be antithetical to globalisation. The tensions/conflicts at individual, household, community, and state levels are not isolated from each other but inter-connect different levels. Within this conflict conceptualisation, transnational mobility appears as a move from human insecurity to human security.


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Sirkeci, I. (2009). Transnational mobility and conflict. Migration Letters, 6(1), 3–14.

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