Public Policy In The Era Of Climate Change: Adapting Strategies For Sustainable Futures


  • Degdo Suprayitno
  • Sofyan Iskandar
  • Keristian Dahurandi
  • Totok Hendarto
  • Freddy Johanis Rumambi


This article delves into the critical realm of public policy in the era of climate change, focusing on the imperative of adapting strategies for sustainable futures. Employing a comprehensive literature review methodology, the study synthesizes and analyzes existing scholarly works, policy papers, and case studies that converge on the nexus of climate change adaptation and public policy. The objective is to discern the evolving nature of policy frameworks, strategies, and practices in response to the escalating challenges posed by climate change. The literature review spans a wide array of sources, including international policy documents, academic journal articles, and reports from global environmental organizations, thereby offering a holistic view of the current state and future directions of climate change-related public policy. The findings underscore the emergence of innovative policy approaches, highlighting successful global examples of adaptation strategies in sectors such as renewable energy, urban planning, and disaster risk management. This article critically evaluates these strategies, considering their efficacy, scalability, and implications for promoting sustainable development and societal resilience. The study concludes by proposing policy recommendations that are informed by the synthesis of the reviewed literature, aiming to guide policymakers in developing and implementing effective and integrated climate change adaptation strategies. This contribution enriches the scholarly discourse on environmental governance, emphasizing the significance of informed, proactive, and cohesive public policy in navigating the complexities of climate change in the pursuit of sustainable and resilient futures.




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Suprayitno, D. ., Iskandar, S. ., Dahurandi, K. ., Hendarto, T. ., & Rumambi, F. J. . (2024). Public Policy In The Era Of Climate Change: Adapting Strategies For Sustainable Futures. Migration Letters, 21(S6), 945–958. Retrieved from