Blockchain And Cryptocurrency: Revolutionizing Digital Payment Systems And Their Implications On The Digital Economy


  • Degdo Suprayitno
  • Avid Leonardo Sari
  • Loso Judijanto
  • Diah Amalia
  • Tekat Sukomardojo


In today's digital era, blockchain and cryptocurrency technology have promised a revolution in payment systems and the digital economy, offering higher transparency, efficiency, and security compared to conventional systems. This development is driving a paradigm shift in global financial transactions, as well as presenting new challenges and opportunities for stakeholders in the financial industry. Reduced reliance on financial intermediaries and the potential for broader financial inclusion are key aspects driving this research. This research aims to examine in depth the influence of blockchain and cryptocurrency on payment systems and the digital economy, as well as their implications for the global financial ecosystem. This research uses a qualitative approach, collecting data from relevant previous studies and then analyzing them thematically. The results of this research show that blockchain and cryptocurrencies have significant potential to reform payment systems and the digital economy through improving security, transparency, and efficiency. Integration with other technologies such as AI, IoT, and big data is expected to bring more innovative and efficient payment solutions. However, challenges such as large energy consumption, operational scale, and the need for regulations that support innovation, need to be addressed to maximize the potential of this technology. Collaboration between stakeholders is key to overcoming these challenges. Overall, blockchain and cryptocurrencies have the potential to redefine the digital economy, but their success will depend largely on how these challenges are overcome and how the technology is utilized responsibly.


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Suprayitno, D. ., Sari, A. L. ., Judijanto, L. ., Amalia, D. ., & Sukomardojo, T. . (2024). Blockchain And Cryptocurrency: Revolutionizing Digital Payment Systems And Their Implications On The Digital Economy. Migration Letters, 21(S6), 932–944. Retrieved from




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