Decoding Digitalization Role In Higher Education- Opportunities And Challenges In Indian Institutions


  • T. Shyam Swaroop
  • K. Sridhar
  • Dr. Gullapalli Srilatha
  • Dr. Vilas J Kharat
  • Dr. Supriya Agrawal
  • Dr. Venkata Harshavardhan R. D


Higher education is only one of the sectors going through radical changes in the modern world characterized by the broad adoption of information and communication technologies (ICTs). This study investigates the significant transformations that Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) have undergone in reaction to the changing social and technical paradigms. This is not merely a structural change; it is a cultural change that questions long-held beliefs, practices, and attitudes in these kinds of organizations. Higher education institutions must adjust to this new reality, in which the incorporation of ICTs is essential to changing institutional functions and instructional approaches. The paper explores the complex interplay between technology and education in this environment, highlighting the potential and challenges that higher education institutions confront as they navigate this dynamic confluence. It examines the complex effects of digitalization on higher education, looking at the benefits and problems it brings from the perspectives of management concerns and student satisfaction. The need to understand the intricate dynamics involved in digital technology adoption by educational institutions is expanding. Opportunities include increased accessibility, customized learning experiences, and increased administrative efficiency. Challenges include problems like cyber security concerns, digital inequity, and opposition to change. By breaking down these components, this study seeks to offer guidance to stakeholders on how to take advantage of the opportunities presented by digitalization in higher education while also addressing some of the drawbacks.




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