Measuring The Impact Of Fiscal And Monetary Policies On The Iraqi Stock Market Indicators For The Period 2004-2022


  • Estabraq Ismael Hama Murad


The study sought to analyze and measure the impact of financial and monetary policies on financial market performance indicators, and experiences of selected countries in Iraq for the period (2004-2022), to know the changes in financial and monetary policy, and its reflection on some stock market indicators, to carry out a comprehensive analytical review of the data which extends over 19 years. To achieve the objectives of the study, which are to identify the conceptual framework of financial and monetary policy variables as well as the generalities of financial markets by referring to stock market indicators and their uses, and to analyze financial and monetary policy variables as well as stock market indicators for the countries of the study sample, and to achieve the objectives of the study, the researcher adopted. There are two methods: the first is the theoretical method by using scientific sources and references, and the second method focuses on economic analysis and measurement using the multiple linear regression model. The problem of the study was that the stock market is an important location for financial investments in stocks and bonds, and the market is of great importance for attracting capital, activating investment and economic activities, and stimulating them to evaluate the performance of financial markets. And revealing the developments it has achieved compared to other markets in the sample countries. The research problem can be framed by asking the following question: Is it possible for changes in fiscal and monetary policy to affect some stock market indicators? It was built on three assumptions: the accumulation, management and direction of wealth, the most important financial institution with an influence on the economy of countries up and down, and the mirror that reflects the reality of the country’s economic situation, and an effective indicator of the extent of achievements achieved and the expected quality of performance of companies, which fall within its entity. The study includes a set of recommendations, the most important of which is that Investing in financial markets carries many risks if it is not built on correct foundations. Therefore, the importance of analyzing variables related to monetary policy leads to a sound evaluation of various stocks, to help investors make the right decision to invest at the appropriate time.




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