A Pragmatic Analysis Of Humour Strategies And Functions In Steve Harvey's TV Shows


  • Hussain Hameed Mayuuf
  • Arshed Sadoun Atei (Corresponding Author)


The majority of the research body's focus has been on the subject of humor. Because humor is so multifaceted and has so many distinct forms, scholars have examined it from a variety of angles. These works looked at humor in connection to a variety of other academic disciplines, including philosophy, linguistics, psychology, and sociology. Scholars and philosophers have always been intrigued by humor as an essential human phenomenon. "Studies conducted from philosophical, psychological, sociological, anthropological, and linguistic perspectives focus on human behavior," claims Dynel (2009). This study looks at this large body of research, giving a thorough rundown of the various facets of humor, its theoretical foundations, and its applications in various situations. It also provides a succinct synopsis of some important theoretical frameworks, including superiority theory, incongruity theory, and relief theory, exploring how these viewpoints aid in understanding why particular stimuli cause laughter or amusement as well as how these theories and their proponents view humor. This chapter provides some insight into the representation of social and cultural differences in humor. Lastly, it looks for gaps in the literature and current thinking to help guide future research areas and this study.

This survey of the literature aims to advance a shared knowledge of the complex and multifaceted nature of humor by delving into a variety of viewpoints and including research from other fields.




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