Gender Disparities In Technology Training: Analyzing Participation And Outcomes


  • Yash Deliwala
  • Dr. Alpesh Gajera
  • Dr. Reva Mishra
  • Priyanka Kashyap


Gender disparities in technology training have persisted over time, leading to unequal representation and outcomes for women and men in the field. This study aims to analyze Gender wise Disparities in Technology Training. The research objective is to shed light on the challenges faced by women in accessing and benefiting from technology training, offering insights into potential solutions to bridge the gender gap. The study combines quantitative and qualitative research methods to collect and analyze data, with a sample size of 130 individuals in the IT industry. Results show significant gender disparities in technical training, with men having a significantly higher mean score in technical training compared to women. The findings emphasize the importance of early education initiatives, mentorship, and creating inclusive workplaces to address gender disparities in technology training. Closing the gender gap in technology training is not only a matter of equity but also a strategic imperative for the industry's future success, as a diverse workforce leads to higher innovation and financial performance. This research has the potential to inform policymakers, practitioners, and academics, whose efforts to promote gender equality and social inclusion in the technology sector may benefit from the study's findings.




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Deliwala, Y. ., Gajera, D. A. ., Mishra, D. R. ., & Kashyap, P. . (2024). Gender Disparities In Technology Training: Analyzing Participation And Outcomes. Migration Letters, 21(S6), 234–244. Retrieved from




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