Role Of Women Entrepreneurship In Promoting Women Empowerment Through Home-Made Products In Karnataka




This study focuses into the imperative role of women entrepreneurship in fostering women's empowerment through the creation and promotion of home-made products in the state of Karnataka, India. As societal norms evolve and economic landscapes transform, the contribution of women entrepreneurs in driving sustainable change gains prominence. The research focuses on understanding the dynamics of women-led enterprises in the region, particularly those engaged in crafting home-made products, and examines the impact of these ventures on women's empowerment.

The study employs a multidimensional approach, encompassing economic, social, and cultural aspects, to analyze the empowerment narrative associated with women entrepreneurs in Karnataka. Through a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods, the research investigates the challenges and opportunities faced by women venturing into entrepreneurship, with a specific focus on the home-made products sector. By shedding light on the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Karnataka, the study explores the support structures, policy frameworks, and market dynamics that either facilitate or hinder women entrepreneurs.

A significant portion of the research is dedicated to examining the socioeconomic impact of women-led enterprises, emphasizing the role of home-made products as a channel for economic independence. The study also unravels the intricate relationship between women's entrepreneurship and gender equality, showcasing how these initiatives contribute to dismantling traditional gender roles and fostering a more inclusive society.

The research identifies key success factors and best practices employed by women entrepreneurs in Karnataka, offering valuable insights for policymakers, NGOs, and aspiring women entrepreneurs. By showcasing real-life stories and case studies, the study not only presents a comprehensive analysis of the current scenario but also provides a roadmap for fostering an environment conducive to the sustained growth of women entrepreneurship in the state.

This research illuminates the transformative potential of women entrepreneurship, specifically within the domain of home-made products, in catalyzing women's empowerment in Karnataka. The findings contribute to the ongoing discourse on gender equality, entrepreneurship, and sustainable development, providing a nuanced understanding of the intricate web connecting women entrepreneurs, their products, and societal empowerment.




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