Algorithms And Mathematical Modelling For PAPR In OFDM Systems


  • Qazi Saeed Ahmad
  • Dr. Imran Ullah Khan


In today's world, modern networking largely depends on wireless communications such as digital transmission, 4GLTE, and Wi-Fi. These include high-speed data transfers, optimized usage of current frequencies, and reliable consideration for future developments. Such objectives can only be realized using an extremely dynamic strategy that goes beyond the capacity of a conventional OFDM system. The main goal of this study is to highlight, clarify, and group particular properties of an OFDM system. This work evaluates techniques for reducing PAPR and improving current wireless transmission systems. The study narrows down to the SLM method that generates myriad possible signs. In the analysis stage, we study the possibility that the signals are significant, check their PAPR scores, and determine if our proposed solutions improve performance.




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