Evolution of the Green Investment: Prospectus to the Companies


  • Dr. G. V. K. Kasturi
  • Dr. V. Gowri Lakshmi
  • Dr. M. Purushottam Naidu
  • P. Sheela




This chapter discusses the scenario of Green Investment in small & Medium Enterprises towards sustainable development. Projects. Green finance is an upcoming & novel area under the broader area of Environmental Accounting. Green Bonds are debt instruments which used the raised funds for Green Bonds are issued to raise funds towards environmentally friendly & responsive investing proposals related to green finance. By making investments in energy efficiency, green infrastructure, renewable and conservative energy, community development, and reducing environmental pollution, they stand for socially responsible investing. Academicians are trying to support gearing up the environmentally friendly economy. This project covers a detailed study of the current Green Bonds under the Green Finance scenario from various dimensions like investors, Corporate, and Small & Medium Enterprises. To understand the level of awareness & figure out the facts in figures & bridge the gap between the objective of the issue & reach.

"The demand for green bonds should remain elevated amid increased investor appetite for sustainable securities that offer transparency over the use of proceeds, and ongoing regulator and central bank encouragement." Vincent Juoyns, Global market strategist.




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Kasturi, D. G. V. K. ., Lakshmi, D. V. G. ., Naidu, D. M. P. ., & Sheela, P. . (2024). Evolution of the Green Investment: Prospectus to the Companies . Migration Letters, 21(4), 581–590. https://doi.org/10.59670/ml.v21i4.7534