QWL Existence and its Impact on Psychological Well being among Academicians: Theoretical Perspectives and Literature Review


  • Dr. S. Nancy
  • Dr. Priyanka Malhotra
  • Dr. Sonia Munjal
  • Dr. Smita Singh
  • Deepika Sharma
  • Dr. S. Gomathi


The existence of Quality of Work Life is intricately linked to the psychological well-being of academicians. The complex interplay of workload, research opportunities, recognition, work-life balance, collaborative environments, job security, administrative support, resources, job autonomy, organizational culture, and coping mechanisms collectively shape the professional experiences and mental health of academicians. Institutions that prioritize these factors contribute positively to the overall QWL and, consequently, the psychological well-being of their academic professionals. Recognizing the importance of these elements is essential for fostering a supportive and enriching academic environment. The academic profession is characterized by unique challenges, including workload, research demands, and the need for continuous professional development. QWL encompasses various factors such as work-life balance, recognition, and collaborative environments that influence the overall job satisfaction and mental health of academicians. The study examines how the interplay of these factors contributes to the existence of QWL and subsequently affects the psychological well-being of academic professionals. Recognizing the importance of a positive work environment and supportive organizational practices, this research sheds light on the intricate relationship between QWL and psychological well-being among academicians, offering insights into strategies for creating healthier and more fulfilling academic workspaces. The researcher concluded that implications of QWL on the psychological well-being of academicians are far-reaching and multifaceted. From individual job satisfaction to academic performance, health, and societal contributions, a positive QWL creates a ripple effect that shapes the overall landscape of academia. Recognizing and addressing the factors that contribute to QWL is not only beneficial for the well-being of academicians but also essential for the vibrancy and success of academic institutions and the broader educational ecosystem.


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Nancy, D. S. ., Malhotra, D. P. ., Munjal, D. S. ., Singh, D. S. ., Sharma, D. ., & Gomathi, D. S. . (2024). QWL Existence and its Impact on Psychological Well being among Academicians: Theoretical Perspectives and Literature Review. Migration Letters, 21(S1), 1032–1043. Retrieved from https://migrationletters.com/index.php/ml/article/view/7467




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