Going North, coming South: Guatemalan migratory flows


  • Michelle J. Moran-Taylor Department of Geography, University of Denver




Return Migration, Transnational migration, Guatemalan migration


Understanding the return aspect of international migration is vital because returnees replete with new ideas, perceptions on life, and monies affect every dimension of social life in migrants’ places of origin.  Yet, return migration remains uneven and an understudied aspect of migratory flows because migration scholars have privileged why individuals migrate, the underlying motivations for their moves abroad, and how migrants assimilate and succeed in their destinations abroad. Drawing on ethnographic research, this article addresses the migratory flows of Ladino and Mayan Guatemalans:  those who go North, but in particular, those who come South. And in doing so, it highlights their similar and divergent responses towards migration processes.


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Moran-Taylor, M. J. (2009). Going North, coming South: Guatemalan migratory flows. Migration Letters, 6(2), 155–164. https://doi.org/10.59670/ml.v6i2.74