Vehicle Road Worthiness Performance Indicator


  • D. Sanjeev Rao
  • M. Srinivasa Rao
  • V.V.S. Kesavarao


The percentage of accidents on  road  because of   failure of components of vehicle is 3.6% out of  entire accidents that are occurring on road and there is need to address this problem so that the number of accidents on roads is drastically brought down. Hence  a systematic scientific study is necessitated to identify the necessary measures which will result in reduction of number of accidents on road due failure of components of vehicle. So in order to decrease the number of accidents on road it is absolutely important that enhancement of  reliability of operational condition of vehicles. So the main aim of this work is  to evolve a an empirical frame work  for measurement of reliability of the  vehicle which directly affects safety on roads. It is observed that there are many parameters which have conflicting nature  and have influence  towards the  safety in  vehicle operations. The interrelations between the parameters of vehicle which are responsible for causing accidents are very tricky in nature on the application of  the conventional decision techniques.. The study findings indicate  that the braking system is identified as the  most critical parameter effecting  the safety of vehicle, and the fuel supply and electrical systems are also found to be key parameters of vehicle.




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Rao, D. S. ., Rao, M. S. ., & Kesavarao, V. . (2024). Vehicle Road Worthiness Performance Indicator. Migration Letters, 21(4), 442–454. Retrieved from




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