Jobshop Scheduling Combining Trail and Regular Production Plan


  • Gorle Mangamma
  • M. Srinivasa Rao
  • V.V.S. Kesavarao


Because of globalization and diversification of markets, application of conventional production scheduling techniques will not yield better economic results. Production disturbances due to new order handlings and combined processing of different jobs is the requirement in flexible job shop scheduling problems. Condition of simultaneous presence of trail and regular product demands from customers is to be handled nowadays to sustain in the market. This paper proposes a reinforcement algorithm. The algorithm that has been proposed has provided satisfactory results. In this connection an empirical mathematical model was developed for choosing a dispatching rule (DR) which is optimal to thoroughly modify the strategies of scheduling during the manufacturing process.




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Mangamma, G. ., Rao, M. S. ., & Kesavarao, V. . (2024). Jobshop Scheduling Combining Trail and Regular Production Plan . Migration Letters, 21(4), 419–441. Retrieved from




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