Sustainable Tourism Strategies along the Vjosa River in Albania


  • Dr. Daniela Qiqi
  • Dr. Eduina Guga


This research delves into sustainable tourism development along the Vjosa River in Albania, a region rich in natural beauty and cultural heritage. Utilizing a qualitative research approach, the study employs focus groups and observations to gather insights from local communities in the Municipalities of Gjirokastra, Permet, and Tepelena.

The research explores community perspectives on tourism, assesses the environmental impact of tourism activities, and evaluates the potential for sustainable tourism development. Findings underscore the critical need for community-driven strategies that balance economic growth with environmental conservation.

The study offers actionable recommendations for sustainable tourism practices, emphasizing the importance of preserving the unique ecological and cultural characteristics of the Vjosa River region. These insights contribute significantly to the field of sustainable tourism and provide a valuable framework for similar initiatives in ecologically sensitive riverine areas.




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