Corporate Social Responsibility In The Age Of AI: Reimagining Business Ethics And Management


  • Faria Ruhana
  • Hiswanti
  • Syamsuddin
  • Endang Fatmawati
  • Firmansyah


In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), the conventional paradigms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities. This article aims to explore and redefine the contours of CSR in the context of AI, highlighting how AI-driven transformations are reshaping the ethical and management dimensions of businesses. Employing a comprehensive literature review coupled with a multi-case study approach, this study delves into the integration of AI in corporate strategies and its implications for CSR practices. The findings reveal that AI not only demands a reevaluation of existing CSR frameworks but also offers novel avenues for ethical engagement and responsible management. The article proposes a revised model of CSR that is adaptable to the AI era, emphasizing on proactive ethical governance, stakeholder engagement, and sustainable practices. The discussion underscores the need for a dynamic, AI-informed CSR approach that aligns with emerging technological trends and societal expectations. The article concludes by suggesting practical strategies for businesses to integrate AI into their CSR initiatives, thereby fostering a more responsible and ethically sound corporate ecosystem in the digital age.


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Ruhana, F. ., Hiswanti, Syamsuddin, Fatmawati, E. ., & Firmansyah. (2024). Corporate Social Responsibility In The Age Of AI: Reimagining Business Ethics And Management. Migration Letters, 21(S2), 1009–1018. Retrieved from