Bibliometrics Analysis of Occupational Health and Safety Construction: Trend Research during Pandemic (2019-2022)


  • Mohamad Sobirin
  • Naniek Widayati Priyomarsono
  • Alfred Jonathan Susilo


Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) becomes an important thing in every sector of work, not least in the construction sector which is reported to be the sector that dominates the number of work accidents compared to other sectors.  In addition, in the last two years the Covid-19 diseases appeared as a global phenomenon that spread throughout the world and affected the global economy stability, including in construction sector which further treated Covid-19 as a hazard. This study will provide an overview of OHS construction research by updating the reference year and searching data using search strategies according to the topic through the Scopus database. The bibliometrics analysis was used to retrieve 1,060 publications between 2019 and 2022. These years used in order to find out how the Covid-19 affected to the OHS construction publications. This study shown that the publication and growth trends has the increasing number of OHS publications from each year with Asia was leading the publications, followed by Europe, America, Africa, and Australia. There are also the visualizations through co-occurance keywords using VOSviewer and direct five-theme of OHS study, namely OHS technology advancement, OHS sustainability, OHS prevention through Covid-19, OHS environmental impact, and OHS evaluation. One of the exciting things is the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic phenomenon, which is a new beginning for changes in the field of occupational health and safety. US and China have a high research development productivity, primarily through the Covid-19 phenomenon that emerged from the China and US has the highest number of cases and deaths, increasingly making the country the center of attention. This certainly opens up opportunities in the future for the implementation and regulation of OHS considering the covid-19 phenomenon for better OHS implementation.


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Sobirin, M. ., Priyomarsono, N. W. ., & Susilo, A. J. . (2024). Bibliometrics Analysis of Occupational Health and Safety Construction: Trend Research during Pandemic (2019-2022) . Migration Letters, 21(3), 1027–1044. Retrieved from




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