How to Integration of STEM and AI for the Mind Mapping?


  • Saif S. Al Neyadi
  • Mohammad A. Tashtoush


This study explores the perceptions and practices of science teachers regarding to the integration of STEM and AI through mind mapping in UAE. The current study applied an exploratory sequential mixed-method design that included an exploratory qualitative strand and a second quantitative strand. The sample study consists of three female science teachers, had taught science subjects at the chosen school, and had prior experience with the integrated STEM approach. The study findings indicate positive perceptions among science teachers regarding the effectiveness of integrating STEM and AI through mind mapping. Challenges were identified, including the initial learning curve associated with new technologies and the need for adequate resources and training. The study recommends providing continuous professional development opportunities for teachers, allocating sufficient resources, fostering collaboration and community engagement, addressing challenges and barriers, aligning with best practices, and conducting further research.


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Neyadi, S. S. A. ., & Tashtoush, M. A. . (2024). How to Integration of STEM and AI for the Mind Mapping? . Migration Letters, 21(3), 1008–1026. Retrieved from




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