Seaweed Export Policy and its Improvement in the Context of Indonesia's Post-National Economic Recovery Pandemic


  • Deasy Silvya Sari
  • Mas Halimah
  • Santi Rukminita Anggraeni


The purpose of this study is to determine seaweed export policies in increasing income and post-pandemic national economic recovery. The impact of seaweed development policies and strategies, and analyze alternative effective business development policy strategies to increase seaweed farmers' incomes and state revenues in the national economic recovery. The research method is descriptive qualitative. The descriptive approach is to obtain a complete and accurate description of a situation. The results of this study are: Seaweed business development policy which refers to the seaweed cultivation development plan with seaweed business assistance programs facilitated by the government. Seaweed farming business strategies to increase production are a) development of cultivated products, b) provision of training in stages, c) providing consultation, d) optimizing existing production capacity, e) expanding planting areas, f) optimizing production, g) increasing funds, h) expanding and maintaining marketing networks.


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Sari, D. S. ., Halimah, M. ., & Anggraeni, S. R. . (2024). Seaweed Export Policy and its Improvement in the Context of Indonesia’s Post-National Economic Recovery Pandemic . Migration Letters, 21(3), 978–984. Retrieved from