Feminist Media Activism and Women’s Ordeal in Africa


  • Goddy Uwa Osimen
  • Basil Osayin Daudu
  • Anthony Mayowa Oladoyin
  • Ahmed Titilade. M. O.


Out of the many issues confronting the world today, gender issues are one of them. These issues manifest in the discrepancies between the rights, potentials, and roles of men and women in patriarchal societies, which are founded on stereotypes, inequality and inequity through the entrenchment of the rights of women. While Western societies have made concerted efforts towards dealing with such issues through the lawful entrenchment of women’s rights, the Middle East and Africa are still adamant in recognizing women as being equal to men due to cultural and religious ideologies. Women are still seen today as men’s property and as kitchen users, irrespective of their social status and level of education. All these dehumanizing misconceptions are well pronounced in African politics where the womenfolk is seen as a means to an end, a class of little or no importance. Thus, they are denied rights/privileges and offices. However, the feminist push for women’s liberation and empowerment is felt more in the 21st century as online media has made the call very easy and impactful reaching out to larger audiences in different places and at the same time.  Our lead questions are: How are women underrepresented in Africa? Is culture more important than state law? In what practical ways, has feminist media activism responded to women’s ordeal in Africa? In this chapter, therefore, we examine feminist media activism as a liberating tool for eradicating women’s ordeal in Africa and argue for the dignity of African women as a means in themselves and invaluable assets in Africa and beyond.


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Osimen, G. U. ., Daudu, B. O. ., Oladoyin, A. M. ., & M. O., A. T. . (2023). Feminist Media Activism and Women’s Ordeal in Africa . Migration Letters, 21(2), 1092–1104. Retrieved from https://migrationletters.com/index.php/ml/article/view/6896




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